About us and education in Finland

Maahanmuuttajakoulutus.fi is the website number one for you who want to browse courses for immigrants in Finland. All vocational courses and supplementing studies in the higher education are listed in our pages.

Vocational education is mainly leading to a degree or certificate, but there are also some supplementing courses available. Some courses are offered only for those who are registered jobseekers in the Finnish employment office.

Universities and polytechnics (universities of applied sciences) organise supplementing courses for immigrants with academic degree. With these courses you may attain an eligibility to a certain profession, like teacher or doctor.

Language courses can not be found in this site, because comprehensive listing is available in www.finnishcourses.fi (Helsinki, Turku and Tampere areas) or at your local Kansalaisopisto or Työväenopisto.

The required level of the Finnish language depends on the school/university and the curriculum. Please read requirements on course ads.

Course listing is available only in Finnish because knowing the basics of the language is a prerequisite for enrolling to courses. For general information of the immigrant education in English, please visit www.immigrationfi.com/education or www.oph.fi/english or